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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to hire someone to design my website? Can't I do it myself?

Sure, there are classes in HTML and many ISPs (Internet Service Providers) offer template kits. But if you want your site to be customized to your needs and look professional, you should hire someone with professional training who will work with you to design the type of site that meets your needs.

Aren't professionally designed sites expensive?

That depends on what you consider expensive. A website presence is an investment in your business, like a storefront or advertising. And we offer plans to fit all types of businesses and budgets. To reach today’s marketplace, you can’t afford not to have a website presence.

Why should I hire a website designer with writing experience?

Good question. The design of your website is just one component. The look and feel of your site is the first thing that customers will notice. What the content of your site says will affect their decision to keep on reading and consider using your products and services. You don’t want customers to just look at your site, you want them to buy your service or products.

But won't this cost me more?

Actually, it will save you money because you are hiring one vendor instead of two. And by using the same vendor, your website and promotional materials will have the same look and feel, helping to “brand” your product or service.

What if I don't need (or want) all of your services at one time?

We offer customized packages to fit your business. You may decide to buy one or only a few services to start. You may not have a need for all of what we can offer. That is why KFR Communications, LLC offers you a free consultation.

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